Join Mike Dolan and Kyle Brauch as they watch every episode of the hit TV show, COPS. MAKTAC is a (semi) weekly comedy podcast with show commentary, random stories & pop culture references. All listeners are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

October 10, 2016

Ep. 1: “Just make it bleed as much as ya can, Barry.”

In the very first episode of MAKTAC, we kick things off by talking about S02E02 of COPS. John Bunnell antagonizes an older woman, an officer gets stuck by a transient’s needle, and some festival attendees get the boot. We also try out some segments for the first time - including several “best of the week” awards and NPR voices for no reason. Woo-EEE!


The best mullet of the week: dancing festival guy



The trashbag of the week: ...also the dancing festival guy


The best mustache of the week: Officer Klejmont


BONUS: John Bunnell's orange shirt


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