Join Mike Dolan and Kyle Brauch as they watch every episode of the hit TV show, COPS. MAKTAC is a (semi) weekly comedy podcast with show commentary, random stories & pop culture references. All listeners are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

June 5, 2019

Ep. 38.6: “You can’t break those cuffs”

In this special episode of MAKTAC, Kyle and guest host Brandon Mackey talk about S19E18 of COPS. While Mike is away we talk about a man who can "break these cuffs", a shed-dwelling hillbilly, and a crack-swallowing bummer who doesn't want to get arrested. We also talk about real life police experiences, the cultural impact of COPS, and reminisce about younger times.


The best mullet of the week: The guy in the shed


The best mustache of the week: Ofc. Evan Rosenthal


The trashbag of the week: the crack-snacker


BONUS: "I could break these cuffs"


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Show announcer: Mike "NewsMike" McKay

Show hosts: Mike Dolan and Kyle Brauch

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