boiling potato fries topped with cheese

Phase 2

Combine the mashed potatoes with 2 tablespoons of flour, parsley powder, pepper, and a generous amount of cheese powder. Mix the mixture well.



Arrange the potato kneaded in a basin. Dough that is too muddy will stick to the bowl. To make it more or less moist, add flour as needed.


LEAP 4/8

Then form it into a stick size piece. Using a knife, you may carefully peel the potato slices one by one.


Measure 5/8

Drizzle with a touch more oil. Chop the potatoes and cook them.



The frying time is minimal when using cooked potatoes, so if the surface gets golden, I consider it a success.



After removing the oil, place it on a cooling net to allow it to cool down a bit.


Stage 8

You can stop now by placing the cooked potatoes in a bowl. It’s a breeze to cook. It has a pleasant aroma and a savory, salty flavor thanks to the cheese powder. Whether dipped in ketchup or eaten on its own, it’s delicious.

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