Methods for Removing Grease and Burned Debris From a Pan’s Base

I try my best to maintain a spotless home since I’ve always taken great interest in my possessions. No matter how hard I try, my cookware only seems spotless on the day I bring it home from the store. Grease and charred food particles settle to the bottoms of cookware over time. It remains unsolved no matter how often I wet or scrape it.

But now I’ve discovered a surprisingly effective method


A simple yet efficient trick for cleaning the bottoms of pans was provided by


First, scrape the pan’s base for a minute or two with a tiny piece of steel wool.


The second step is to coat the bottom of the pan with coarse salt and then sprinkle baking soda on top.



Section 3:

Cover the pan’s base with a thick layer of liquid dish soap. Combine the three items with the steel wool and knead them into a light foam.


Fourth Step


Scatter a couple squares of paper towel around the pan’s base to cover it completely.




The fifth step is to sprinkle some distilled vinegar over the paper towels. Give it a few minutes to settle.




Step 6: After the allotted time has passed, take out the paper towels and wipe off any remaining residue with a moist cloth. The pan will be left spotless and shiny! The video below will show you how to implement this hack:


That concludes everything! You can go from filthy to spotless in about 15 minutes with some common household items and some elbow grease.

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