Don’t throw eggshells away: plant them in the garden, they work 




1.They provide calcium, nitrogen, and deter pests.


2. Using Eggshells as Pest Deterrents:

Crush eggshells to repel slugs and pests.

Scatter them around plants to create a barrier.


3. Incorporating Eggshells into Compost:

Grind eggshells into powder for compost.

Balance soil acidity and enrich compost with calcium.


4. Making Eggshell Powder Fertilizer:

Boil eggshells in water for fertilizer.

Alternatively, grind eggshells into powder and sprinkle around plant roots.


5. Creating Homemade Compost with Coffee Grounds:

Blend eggshells, coffee grounds, and banana peel.

Apply directly to plants or mix with soil for compost.


6. Key Points to Remember:

Banana peel adds potassium for fruit growth.

Coffee grounds improve soil drainage.

Decomposition releases nitrogen for plant growth.

Eggshells deter pests and enrich soil with calcium.

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